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Boao Hardware Casting

Precision casting
15 years focused on high quality stainless steel precision casting. Castings have high dimensional accuracy and good surface finish, which can be dispensed with Or reduce machining, saving material and processing costs.
Selected materials
Material conforms to EU standards, focusing on 316L high quality wood Casting, the surface of the product can reach 8K mirror light.
Casting source quality
Automated waxing machine, the production capacity is 3 times that of artificial wax High quality upstream steel supply, Australian imported sand powder Guarantee product quality and stability
Short cycle and fast delivery
Valet development mold 3 days quick delivery, 15 days delivery
Boao Hardware
National Advisory Hotline+86-18933178298
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Purchasing hardwarekey to quality

Choose the right manufacturer, save your mind and save money

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One-to-one custom service

Can be tailored to specific needs and special environments


Boao Hardware PackageApplication scenario

Boao Hardware Customized Service Process

Custom service process
Support hotline:+86-0750-3597288 +86-18933178298

Into Boao Hardware

about us
About Us

Jiangmen Pengjiang District Boao Hardware Products Factory

Boao Hardware Products Factory is a professional enterprise that develops and produces high-precision and high-quality stainless steel castings. The German imported optical instrument is used for material control. It mainly produces 316L, 316, 304 precision castings. The products are widely used in sanitary products. Mechanical parts, valve fittings, construction hardware, lighting accessories, auto parts, kitchen accessories and other industries. The company was founded in 2004, with a plant area of more than 4,000...

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